Our Passion for Justice:

The engaged Christian life.

Justice. Pope Francis calls it Jesus’ “protocol.”

The world’s bishops say it is “a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel.”

Jesus calls it love.

Dominicans and Justice. Since at least the Sixteenth Century, Dominicans have sought truth in defense of human rights around the globe.

Today Dominican preachers and teachers, intellectuals and artists, pastoral leaders, economists, scientists, and poets collaborate for the sake of defending the rights of vulnerable people and this planet Earth that sustains and supports all life.

Springfield Dominican Sisters live this model in the service of Jesus, whom St. Catherine of Siena called “Gentle First Truth.” Will you join us as we seek justice—right relationship—with and for all people and the planet we inhabit?

Our Commitments

We are connected to our Dominican sisters and brothers worldwide, and we share common concerns and commit to collaborative action for the protection of human rights, climate justice, economic rights, and peace and security. Learn more about each of these justice concerns and our corporate stances related to them here.


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