Way to go
Sister Mary Jo!

Sister Mary Jo made a flawless first pitch at the White Sox vs. Royals game Saturday, August 18. She wore a uniform with the number 60 on the back to mark the anniversary of Marian Catholic High School this year. We are proud of the preaching & teaching God’s love she does at MCHS.

Learn about her acrobatic first pitch and her ministry here!

In the 2,000-year history of the church, no one ever came to a vocation without someone to lead them to Christ.

If you’ve recognized yourself on one of these five paths, the next step is talking with a friend, a trusted spiritual guide, or a vocation minister. Trust the movement of God’s spirit within you and do not be afraid.

If you would like support from us, we are happy to help. Please contact Sister Teresa Marron at 217.787.0481, or srteresa@spdom.org.

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With great joy, we share our 2014 General Chapter Commitment Statement,

“Together Birthing Anew”